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Trolley Configuration

Basic Trolley

image-basic-trolleyA range of standard trolley frames are available that link to the iCart Smart Catch and align with the standard trolley floor guide spacing. The trolleys are designed to allow the iCart to pass through a trolley so that trolley swapping and pick and drop are carried out without manual intervention.

These basic trolley frames in a number of sizes carry standard industrial bins or euro pallets. These can optionally allow entry from either end or even side ways.

Smart Trolley

image-smart-trolleyA smart trolley incorporates facilities that are connected to the iCart controller. They are physically connected via the optional iCart-Link connector. iCart-Link provides power and control connections to the trolley and can be used for sensing and drive capability. The first range of smart trolleys offer from 1 to 4 bi-directional driven roller conveyors. These allow the iCart to directly replace conventional conveyor systems.

Fixture Trolley

image-fixture-trolleyBy using the iCart to transport a fixture trolley it becomes possible to replace palletised assembly systems. A fixture can be automatically moved between both manual and automatic workcells. Location devices can be incorporated in automatic cells to precisely position fixtures so that automated robotic load and unload or automated assembly operations such as tightening of bolts can be accomplished.

User Designed Trolley

iCart are happy to provide information to enable the user to design and make their their own trolleys. Where users would like to develop a smart trolley the iCart-Link interface can be used and a program code segment inserted into the iCart controller as a function/subroutine.

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