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Smart Track

image-smart-trackThe TAG® Smart-Track Floor System

The iCart uses a magnetic strip for guidance. In most AGV systems this strip is glued to the floor or a slot is cut in the floor and the strip is mounted within this.

iCart can also operate in this way. However, when the magnetic strip is mounted on the floor surface it can be damaged by traffic especially if the route is shared with conventional forklift trucks. A protective cover-strip can be supplied that can minimise this.

iCart also provide a unique solution; the TAG® Smart-Tile Floor System.
(patent applied for)

Smart-Tiles are interlocking heavy duty industrial floor tiles available in different colours that incorporate the magnetic strip within the tile. Tiles that incorporate different tape patterns are available that allows complex routes to be constructed quickly and easily. Tiles can also incorporate route and control tags and lane guides for trolleys.

As a rough guide it is possible for 2 people to lay 100 square metres of tiles within an hour.

Trolley Guidance

Where the iCart is expected to pick and drop trolleys automatically it is normally necessary to provide floor guidance for the trolley wheels. Standard guides are available that can be fitted directly to the floor or incorporated in the Smart-Track tiles.

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