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Pick and Drop Kanban Control without programming

The route that an ICart takes can be determined without programming by using Tag® control solutions. By adding trolley tagging a full KANBAN materials handling system can be implemented without any programming.

For many users this offers a cost effective way to get best utilisation from iCarts. It effectively allows an automated electronic KANBAN system to be implemented in manufacturing line applications.

image-kanban2Simple systems can be implemented via the operator panel but where there are multiple stations feeding to and from multiple load/unload distribution points then more complex solutions are required.

Normally this would require specialised programming for allocation of components to the line and transfer of finished product from the line and between multiple stations. Fortunately ICart systems can handle these issues simply and effectively without the need for programming expertise. The Tag® routing method is combined with a TROLLEY TAG fitted to each trolley used for pick and drop control. The standard tag reader picks up routing information from the floor. A second tag reader on the iCart picks up destination information from tags mounted on each trolley. This destination tag specifies the start and end stations for the trolley and can also optionally identify different products that are used in the same station.

In its simplest form a trolley is tagged to belong to a particular station and always travels between that station and a load/unload point.

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