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Intelligent Delivery Systems

image-idsNo operator involvement

iCart is a revolutionary new concept in materials handling. It is an intelligent automated guided vehicle system that eliminates the forklift and pallet truck and provides a way to directly move materials and goods without operator involvement.

An autonomous robot vehicle that travels around predetermined guide paths. It is the width of a typical PC keyboard so it can easily access areas travelled by operators. Because of its compact size it can be integrated within current operations without the need for wider access areas. The best iCart solutions are those that look at the iCart as a dependable tireless operator rather than an automated forklift truck.

No user programming

iCart is simple to implement and install. It operates in most applications without user programming. It utilises a clever combination of multiple radio communications technologies and adaptive software to deliver parts and products around the workplace.

It can carry out multi-point “fetch and seek” tasks without user programming. It is radically different to other AGV or Cart systems. Many current AGV units are simply forklifts without a driver. The iCart is so much more. Transfer of goods and materials within warehouse and distribution areas, movement of product through a manufacturing process; these are all potential applications for the iCart.

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