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The iCart Concept

The iCart is a compact but powerful automated guided vehicle that can automatically determine the route it should follow to deliver or collect materials and product from a variety of locations around production and distribution facilities.

The iCart has been designed to work in most manufacturing and production line environments or indeed any application involving multi-point delivery and pick up. The compact size of the unit, only 1 metre long and the same width as a PC keyboard, enables it to travel down narrow gangways accessing areas that cannot be reached by forklift trucks.


Versatility and simplicity are key features of the iCart. It can pick and drop trolleys around stations totally automatically. A range of smart trolleys are also available, including some that incorporate powered roller conveyors to transport industry standard plastic bins directly to and from workstations.

The second variant of the iCart is the iCart Cube. The Cube is better suited to conventional tow truck applications that use existing trolleys.

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