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Smart Tags

An AGV system that needs no programming in many applications

image-st1A key aspect of the iCart design philosophy is that we provide “out of the box” solutions. The iCart is a finished unit, not a kit of parts. You don’t program the iCart either, and if you want to implement an electronic KANBAN it can also be done without programming. An application involving 5 AGV’s, 10 operator stations, 2 load/unload stations could typically be installed over a single weekend.

There are 2 aspects to the smart tag® solutions: floor tags and trolley tags.

image-st2Floor Tags
The route information is contained along the route itself, just like road signs on motorways. Floor mounted RFID tags contain route information about stations, junctions, corners etc. These are read by the iCart as it travels around. The diagram shows an example of the tags required to set up the route information for identifying routes to stations 4 and 8.

Trolley Tags
When a specific trolley needs to be routed to specific stations then trolley tags are used. The AGV uses a second reader to read information from trolley mounted tags. These tags contain source and destination information that enable the ICart to automatically travel to the required stations.

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