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iCart Control

iCarts will operate autonomously or as slaves under the supervision of iCart-Control.

image-control1iCart will deliver trolleys to destinations by reading electronic tags mounted on them and then return to a specified station. In many applications this is all that is required. It can be combined with card based KANBAN and Heijunka allocation methods.

A destination station can also be specified via the front panel display or wirelessly from your own control/IT systems.

However iCart-Control offers a simple ready made solution to integrating operator and supervisory controls with links to higher level factory IT systems such as ERP.

image-control2iCart-Control is an interface to user based windows applications that can incorporate PLC capability. The standard system can communicate wirelessly with an iCart directing it to a destination and return station via WiFi.

Pushbutton units and HMI displays can be added allowing operators to directly request service from an iCart.

A profibus interface unit is available. It is even possible to direct an iCart via an Excel spreadsheet!

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