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Battery System

iCart can often last for 24 hours between charges. Swap battery cassettes in a couple of minutes.

Battery life is a major concern in systems of this kind. Although it is possible to give a rough idea of the operating time between charges it is important to try out an iCart on the typical duty cycle you intend to implement.
image-batteryBatteries also have a limited service life depending on duty and level of discharge. The iCart has a battery level monitoring system built into the controller so that when the battery level reaches a low level the iCart can travel to a predefined battery station if required or set a low level indication that can be read via WiFi if this option is fitted and operational.

The actual batteries used are sealed GEL based Lead Acid batteries that require no servicing and are specifically designed for frequent cyclic use and should be capable of around 1000 charge discharge cycles. A full re-charge can be achieved in around 7-8 hours.

The iCart also has a quick change battery system and an optional battery trolley that allows a battery swap typically within a few minutes.

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