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iCart Factory of the Future

A flexible manufacturing facility of the future…… without conveyors or forklifts.

image-ff1Do we really need conveyors and forklifts in the factory of the future? Consider the potential of the iCart as a part and product mover in an assembly process.

In this typical assembly process a heavy base component is loaded to a fixture trolley attached to an iCart. The iCart then moves to a designated assembly station where components are assembled to the frame. Access is possible from all 4 sides.

On completion of assembly the iCart moves to one of two test systems. If faulty it can return to one of the assembly stations if repairs are carried out there. iCarts can also form a buffer area if sequenced delivery is required.

A second set of iCarts pick up the remaining components in batches of 10 from the supermarket area. These travel to the point of use in the assembly cell and swap automatically with the now empty parts trolley.

The supermarket need not be directly next to the line. One supermarket or “Super Store” could feed multiple lines. In the same way the unload area need not be next to the line.

Add a new cell in less than an hour?……..


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