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Automated Stores

Store Control – iCart knows how to respond!


The concept of an automated stores system is embedded within the iCart controller.

A store area consisting of a number of trolleys held in specific locations can be controlled by a number of floor tags designed for this purpose. iCart can operate as an automated store retrieving trolleys from specific locations on demand from an external WiFi connected computer.

A store is a specific type of station similar to a manual station or an automatic station. The main difference is that a store can act as a drop point and a pick point.

iCart can only determine if it should pick or drop a particular trolley at a specific store location from an instruction issued by the external computer in control of the allocation of trolleys within the store.

So that iCart recognises a store location as being different to another type of station there is a specific tag to represent a store location.

The diagram shows the arrangement of tags required for a store type application. The trolley and iCart is shown at store exit point for location 3010.

The store location 3011 above is empty and the two tags, STORE 3011 and STORE EXIT are visible. Access to this station is controlled from the RIGHT STATION 3011 positioned prior to the junction entry point.

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