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The Laser Scanner System

image-safetyUnder the front section of the iCart is a sophisticated configurable Category 3 laser scanner safety system. This allows the iCart to operate in areas shared with people. The unit is a fail-safe device and operates in conjunction with two safety approved relays.

The scanner has a number of scan fields that are automatically selected from the iCart controller depending upon trolley and route characteristics. Each scan field consists of three zones: a warning zone,alarm zone and Estop zone.

Warning Zone

image-safety-zonesThis is the outermost zone. If the scanner detects an obstruction in this area then the iCart reduces speed to a lower level so that it can stop within a safe braking distance if it should go on to enter the alarm zone.

Alarm Zone

If the iCart senses an object within the alarm zone it stops. The controller and drive system are still engaged and operational.

Emergency Stop Zone

If the iCart senses an object within the stop zone it stops and power is removed from the drive motor system via a safety approved relay.

Automatic Restart

To comply with EN 1525 the iCart waits a short time and then attempts a restart. If the obstacle has now cleared the alarm zone the iCart will sound the audible alarm for 3 seconds and continue the operation in progress when the alarm condition occurred.

Emergency Stop Facilities

The iCart is fitted with an emergency stop button on the front panel. Operating this latched button removes drive power to the motors.

The iCart will remain in this state until the emergency stop button is de-latched and the start button pressed.

Warning Beacon and Audible Alarm

A 3 colour warning beacon and audible alarm are fitted to the front of the iCart.

GREEN Normal operation
AMBER Warning Zone entered
RED Emergency stop initiated via panel or scanner

Holding Brake

Holding brakes are fitted to the drive motors. This brake is held OFF under battery power. Should battery power be lost or power is removed through normal operation then this brake is applied automatically.

In certain applications this brake may not be necessary if the iCart will not be used on an incline where the gravitational force of the iCart and load is less than the rolling resistance of the iCart and trolley. The major benefit of this is reduced current consumption.

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