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iCart Delivers Intelligently

iCart delivers automatically without user involvement bringing significant savings in labour, floor space and work in progress.

iCart is an effective alternative to forklifts, pallet trucks and manual trolleys bringing about major cost savings.

iCart doesn’t need user programming and can automatically determine the route it should follow to collect and deliver materials and products from locations around production and distribution facilities. It’s quick and simple to install, offering an off-the-shelf solution to product and material transfer issues.

Latest News

  • New Profibus Interface Unit

    Remote control of multiple icarts is now possible using the new iCart - Control PROFIBUS WiFi interface unit. This new easy to integrate interface allows users to remotely control up to 8 iCarts. you can direct each iCart...

  • Triple Field Safety Scanner

    All iCarts are now equipped with a triple zone programmable safety scanner. This new feature gives even more flexibility in customising solutions to suit the wide range of iCart application areas. iCart leads the way again!

  • Assembly Processes the Easy Way!

    The iCart Control HMI interface now has optional facilities for quick configuration of assembly and test line operations. Crawl speeds can be set for individual process zones to allow assembly on the move. Control of queues, operator pushbutton...

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